Livingstone – Street photography

Black and white photography is a style I have always admired, but rarely attempt. It seems timeless and bold. I hit the streets of Livingstone for the day to try my hand at the style and along the way met some very interesting people. Most of the ladies selling their wares on the side of the road were not up for getting their photo taken. They either said straight up ‘no’, or wanted me to pay them for their picture.

So I took a different approach, get off the main street, and focus on something more specific. That’s when I stumbled across a gym. The Powerhouse Gym had a hobbit sized door that lead way into a dingy little workout room. The fellas working out seemed surprised that I was interested in photographing the space, but it didn’t take more than a few minutes before they all had their shirts off and arms flexed. After I made my way to the Mukuni Market. The result was an empty wallet, and a bag full of trinkets. Who knew I was looking for a salad spoon and folk set, two bookends, and a handful of bracelets. Of all the markets I have visited, Zambian markets seem to have the most bold sellers, the most personal, and definitely the best at their job. When you walk by they pull out a seat for you, and you exchange names and handshakes. If I had to grade their customer service, they would pass with flying colours.




  1. Awesome Kim! Keep it up, i have liked the black & white photography. Its really looking good, wishing u success.

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